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AOMEI Backupper Standard is a good choice to complete the task easily and safely. Select a destination directory as you like such as local disk, external hard drives, USB, cloud drives, NAS, etc. If you want to distinguish this task easier, edit the Task Name. Download, install and launch this software, go to Backup interface and choose System Backup. Windows 10 shall reinstall the DVD drive automatically after booting. Right-click the Start button on the left-bottom corner of your screen, choose Device Manager in the menu.

  • There are some general Windows settings that you’ll want to set to keep your sanity in check.
  • Still, you can choose any codec pack which will do the job.
  • I deleted the folder that I created, I tried all of the above Keys again and it did not create the Screenshots folder.
  • It can be capturing the entire screen, a specific part of it, or grabbing the active window.

These discs are now the standard for HD video on the physical format, and as more and more of us use our PCs for home entertainment, it’s perfectly acceptable to want to play a Blu-ray on it [Link]. But it’s not just a case of popping a disc in the drive and putting your feet up. You need something like PowerDVD 19 from Cyberlink. In the Windows Disc Image Burner window, you can select which disc burner to use or to Verify disc after burning. It will default to your main burner, and most of the time, discs don’t need to be verified.

Using Troubleshooting Options

The VLC media player from VideoLAN is one such app that many people have adopted. The app is open-source, cross-platform and plays most DVDs, audio CDs, video CDs, multimedia file formats and video streams. The program is also free to download and use, and its creators accept small donations from users. This software allows you to open media files stored in Blu-ray on devices running Windows OS starting from Vista to Windows 10.

If you don’t have either of these, then don’t panic because they’re both relatively easy to create. (You’ll need to find a working Windows PC to do it, though.) For more info, read our guide on how to create a Windows recovery drive. If you want to create a bootable Windows USB drive, download the Windows installation tool here and follow the instructions. Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that enables you to use Windows with basic drivers.

How can Screencast-O-Matic help you?

If the app determines it is compatible with your device, you can select the Buy Now option to get the complete app and use it to play DVDs. You can also convert your discs into digital files. If you have an older PC at home, you can use software like MakeMKB to convert your discs, then watch on your current PC, smartphone, or tablet. PowerDVD comes with 100 GB of storage, so you can store up to 40 HD movies and watch them anywhere on any device.

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It is usually in the same section as the break key and scroll lock key. The screenshot may share the same key as a system request. Combined with the other methods, it should make all other tools redundant for most people. Windows Ink Workspace may provide another option.

You can prompt your computer to turn off as soon as you see the startup logo. Your computer will shut down.This is helpful if you’re stuck on a screen and need to troubleshoot your computer. Turning your computer on and off repeatedly will get you into a Safe Mode. It should be the middle option on the Advanced Options page, which is a light-blue screen with white text. This icon, which is in the bottom-right corner of the screen, resembles a circle with a line through its top.